Does your child love to write? Do they also love to play? This camp is the perfect balance of writing, active games and time spent exploring the beautiful, forested Mt. Tabor Park. For ages 8-12.

What to expect at Write Now!

At Write Now! we guide the students through the writing process in a safe, relaxing environment where they can write freely and fearlessly. Our workshops are structured to reflect “Best Practices in Teaching Writing” to inspire kids and build writing skills simultaneously. Most importantly, group sizes are small so that your child will thrive with individual attention and support!

• Skill Building 
   Develop writing skills crucial for academic success that will last a lifetime. 
• Motivating
   Transform writing reluctance into excitement to write.
• Convenient
   On-site at your school. We come to you!
• Fun!
   Class is fun! Do we need to say more?

What Parents are Saying

​”This class was amazing! It was the perfect writing environment for me. I could share without worrying and it felt good. The prompts fit really well into my head and made my ideas pour out!”
Mia B.
Portland 7th Grader

​“Sarah is very steady and real. I want my kids with someone who really cares about them, and she does. My daughter loved the writing prompts that she provided for them, and she loved the class!”
Bonnie McBee 
Portland Mom

He LOVES your class. LOVES IT. We have five kids and a long history of trying things out knowing that most things in life are hit-and-miss with them, so I was DELIGHTED when he came home enthusiastic and looking forward to your next class. Whatever it is you’re doing, you’re good at it. Thank you.”
Kieran Cannistra
Portland Mom