Writing Coach Services

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Your idea can be a reality.

Would your life would be richer with a writing practice? Is there a book in you that wants to be written? Are you ready to start writing, or get back to it, but are struggling to stay consistent?

I combine my skill and training as a life coach with decades of writing experience to help you enter into the flow with your writing.

What is Writing Coaching?

  • We meet weekly or biweekly, in-person or on Zoom. Sometimes the session leans toward coaching, with an exploration of how the writing is going, what issues are coming up, what you want to be doing and what is getting in your way so that you can get into a flow state. Other times the session is used for writing, planning, revisions, edits, or some other part of the writing process.
  • STEP 1: GET CLEAR – Get clear about your desired outcome, where you are in the process, the challenges, your goals, and what you want to gain from coaching.
  • STEP 2: CHART A PATH – Clarity leads to action. What actions will you take in the direction of your goals? What is getting in the way and how can you support yourself?
  • STEP 3: MODIFY AND ADAPT – You now have support and someone who knows you and your vision. When challenges or stops arise, we will uncover together what is needed so that you can continue to build momentum towards your goal.
  • STEP 4: REFLECT – What have you accomplished? What have you learned about yourself, your project, and the creative process. How will this inform your next steps.

Coaching Testimonials

“Sarah, thank you again for yesterday. It ignited a great flame of movement for me. Excited to be in the week and see what sparks more.” -Justine Light

“You are extremely real and present. You so get it. I felt like you were really hearing me. Your summarizing resonates. You stretched me a little. Shined the light a little further. I meandered, and you held that so beautifully. I had the feeling that I was finding my way on my own.” –
Melanie Jordan, RN 


You are the expert of your life.