Essay Writing

About This Class

When: Tuesdays April 23-May 28, 4:30-6:00 pm Where: 316 NE 19th Ave, Portland (NE Sandy and 19th)

Are you feeling frustrated when it comes to writing essays or assignments, like you are putting in a lot of effort, but not getting the results you want? Are you thinking ahead to that college essay, wishing you had more confidence and skill to express yourself in writing? Are you good enough at writing, but would like to get better? This class is designed to help you develop the writing skills you need now and lay the foundation for your future.

About Sarah

Sarah is passionate about writing and her enjoyment for it is contagious. She allows students to write about topics that matter to them and moves at the student’s pace, teaching them skills in the process. She has inspired the writing of hundreds of students across Portland in after-school writer’s workshops, summer camps, university classes, and online. She is a writer and a writing teacher with a masters degree in education and over 25 years of teaching experience.

What You Can Expect

  • Meet Tuesdays, April 23-May 28 from 4:30-6:00 pm at the Write Now Classroom 316 NE 19th Ave, Portland.
  • Receive in-person instruction in a supportive, small group setting.
  • Learn from example essays and use them as models for your own writing.
  • Write effective introductions, conclusions, thesis statements, topic sentences, and transition phrases.
  • Prepare for writing college and scholarship essays so that those tasks are less daunting when the time comes.

What Makes This Class Different

Students will develop the muscle of putting their thoughts and ideas into written words on a page. Students will tap into what they really want to say, then learn how organize that message into a clear format. The thesis statement and topic sentences become building blocks they turn to with comfort and familiarity. As they become more skilled in writing, they begin to add creativity to their essays as well, bringing their writing to the next level and expressing themselves in a way that is fun and satisfying.

What You Will Gain

Participants in Write Now’s writing classes develop a skill and confidence with writing that lasts a lifetime. They will be able to complete current writing assignments with greater ease and will be ready to write a college essay that expresses who they are and helps them stand out from the crowd. In the process, writing becomes a medium they gain access to forever, for whatever purpose they need or want.

Limited Seating

This class is in-person and is limited to 6 participants. Register now and gain writing skills you can use now and on into your future.